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22nd December 2010

2:09pm: 0163 furry band
haha i dont think they are furries but its cool. Not exactly my kinda music but meh. Apparently they were in LA recently.

27th October 2010

10:11pm: 0162 Life update
Haaaaa(japo sigh),

Not really much going on here. Just been working @ the restaurant a lot. Business has been pretty slow :( I think we been in the red for a lil while(at least 2 years), seeing how business is going I know its gonna be bad this year too come tax time next year.

I wasnt contacted by the FAA yet for the ATC job. The hire period for this year has ended yesterday. Not exactly sure what supposed to happen but I am sure im gonna get info on that soon enough. I know I have to reapply for the next hiring phase so If I don't get info by early NOV then Ill prob call them to see whats up.

Overall I guess Im kinda sad that I havent been hired yet. I think on the next hire period I will enter NV + CA or AZ + CA in the slots for region I want to be hired in. I think part of me not being hired yet probably has to do with my low ATSAT scores. Its a aptitude test so not exactly something I could have studied for but still.

I technically have till i turn 31 to be hired so I still got 4 years chance.

My sister started dating a guy who is one of the directors(exec) @ Hawaiian Airlines. He told me that he might be able to get me a "royal tour" of the airline operations. Technically I will be a "intern" while im touring around the company. He still has yet to give me more info on the situation but I have hopes of doing it sometime in NOV.

As for fur cons n stuff, I originally wasnt planning on attending FC, but seeing that im not doing anything I think I might, not sure yet if I want to commit.

Same goes for AC

There are no other Kurisu news.
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5th July 2010

12:18am: 0161 foooooth
Back from AC, made an okay amount of monies. I normally am wayyy in the red when I go to AC but this year I made an okay amount, still in the red but a lot less then previous years. I will be posting pictures eventually.

I visited Seattle area right after AC, went to Olympic National Park and Mt Rainier. Was kinda rainy and cloudy so pictures arent the best :P Ill post those eventually too.

There is no other Kurisu news.

17th June 2010

11:52pm: 0160 Con photos
I made a separate account to post all my con/furry related photos. I only have CF09 and FC09 in there ATM, but ill add more later.


Other than that, I got a new flash unit for my camera, the Canon 430EX II. Now I can take decent indoor photos while using my kit lens. I made a makeshift reflector for it too out of white cardboard and a rubber band :P

ugh FAA take forever to hiiirrreeeee. I wanna control planes already!

Oh, and I will be attending AC this year. I will be with Kitsumi(F12). I might have some CDs to sell.

25th May 2010

7:59pm: 015F 2010 ALMS Laguna Seca

Laguna Seca was really fun! Drove up to the bay area with Meesh. Had dinner with an ol friend, and had some nice down time with Fio n Cin. Next day we headed out to Monterey's Laguna Seca Raceway. When we got there, the Porsche GT3 class short race was goin on. Sooo many Porsches. We headed out to the paddock area and looked at all the cars up close. I have always been a big fan of Le Mans Prototype cars, It just never occured to me that they would race nearby where I can visit. What an opportunity this was! During the main race we pretty much walked around the track in various location to take pictures. This whole event was a perfect place to use my Canon 100-400mm L lense. A bunch people had big L lenses all over the track. Anyways I ended up taking about 700+ pictures of which only about 150 came out good enough to post. Check em out! I think Ill be attending this race every year!

2010 ALMS Laguna Seca

20th May 2010

5:01pm: 015E Weekend n moar pipes
I bought my 2nd Briar Pipe! This time is a looooong pipe called a "Church Warden" style pipe. its nice!'

Me n my new pipe

Other than that, this weekend I'm headin up to the American Le Mans Series races in Monterey area @ Laguna Seca raceway. Great place to use my 100-400mm L lense :)

Ill prolly post up pichars when I get back.

28th April 2010

6:12pm: 015D RPC oil and pipes
The Reasonably Priced Car(my suzuki Aerio) got its first oil change today. I put in some nice full synthetic. As long as I can afford it I think ill stick to Synth oil. Im a big Castrol GTX fan. ITS NOT JUST OIL, ITS LIQUID ENGINEERING. I also replaced the stock spark plugs with NGK Iridium plugs. Easy peasy. It may sound stupid to a buncha people for me to put nice things in a so called Econo shitbox but I like the lil car so I want to take good care of it :) I also got the K&N nice filter for it so that should be nice.

Recently Ive picked up pipe smoking. Ive been smoking Hookah for a while, usually @ a friends house. He has a hot tub and pool table so I chill out @ his house on sat. Hot tubbins and Hookah are a good mix :) and of course BOOOOOZE. I started out with a cheap pipe I bought from High Times wine cellers with a blend called Black Beard. It smells sweeter than british blends and smokes smoothly. I had to get used to packing tobacco in the bowl and kinda learning how to smoke it. It takes a bit of work, at the beginning I was going through 10-15 matches per smoke sessions but now ive cut it down to like around 4 which I think is typical. After a few weeks I was bad and spent some money on a more expensive nice Briar pipe. The first thing I noticed about the more sexpensive pipe is the taste is much more nicer, it has the wooden smokeyness added to the tobacco taste. Many people use one type of tobacco with Briar pipes due to the need for a thin layer of carbon caking in the bowl. I plan to reserve those for future pipes I buy, but for now I think ill use different types of blends for this one. So far I tried one British blend which I did not like. The traditional British blend has this strong more cigarette kinda taste in it, although the aftertaste is rather nice. I think Ill stick to sweeter smoother blends as they don't have such a strong or harsh taste to it.

Other than that life has been pretty same o same o. Currently still working @ Shimura(parents restaurant) for now. I have been on official FAA ATC hire list for about two months now, and they haven't said anything yet. I have to reapply ever OCT, if I do not get hired by then I think I will put other states as locations I am willing to go to and change the availability of my schedule.

21st March 2010

5:45pm: 015C RPC, the Reasonably Priced Car.
I decided to name my Suzuki Aerio, RPC as in Reasonably Priced Car. I got it tinted today! 5% in the back and 30% in front. Hope I don't come across any cops having a bad day :x

anyways here are some pichars.

From My Car

From My Car

Next I plan to get some fog lights.

I think eventually I want to get some nicer wheels, and aftermarket exhaust/cat with a K&N filter[they dont sell FPIK for my year :( ]

11th February 2010

8:44pm: 015A More Car news
Good News! The Dacia Sande.... errr

So in my previous post I said I was going to buy a Suzuki SX4. But after much thought(not really) I came to the conclusion that I cannot afford one at the moment. So, being the impatient doggie that I am, I decided to get the SX4's predecessor, the Aerio. It was called the Liana in europe and was featured in the British car programme, Top Gear, in their "Star in a reasonably priced Car" segment of the show from 2002-2005. Its a 2006 model with the nice 2.3L inline DOHC 4 cylinder engine which produces 155hp. Not bad for a tiny car. Finding one in a 5spd manual was kinda hard, I had to go all the way to Ventura to get it. So far Im loving the new car, its got decent power and lotsa room for passengers. I'm pretty confident that this car will last me for at least another 8-10 years.

From My Car
From My Car
From My Car

5th February 2010

1:06pm: 0159 Car Huntings
Now that the geo is gone, I've been car shoppin. With the check from the Geo and some help from the parents, I should be able to buy a decent car that should last longer this time. The car that I been lookin at currently is the Suzuki SX4. I test drove one in riverside this week and it seemed very nice. The dealer experiance was one of the worst though. I went to Singh Suzuki in Riverside to look at a used 08 SX4 sedan. The man who came to help me was not good at all. On the test drive, all he would do is look at his cellphone and just give me directions as to where to go. I asked him about the price which was about 9k. The car was overall good conditions except for a lot of scratches on the paint and it having 40,000 on the odometer. Otherwise the car was fine. When I asked about the price, the man said "why dont u look at other ones then?". I was appalled at how bluntly he didnt want to make a sale and not willing to negotiate. When we got back, we talked to the manager a bit and all he said was that they were not willing to ajust the price because it was used and had its price reduced already. The man even said "If we send that thing to auction I can easily get 10 grand for it." At this point I just said "alright nevermind I dont want the car anymore" and left.
I left and decided since I was in a dense cluster of dealers, I would look at other cars. I stopped by a VW/Honda/Hyundai/Mazda cluster dealership. It was refreshing to talk to a very nice man @ this dealership. I briefly looked at some Golfs and Rabbits, but I mostly wanted a four door small car with a stick. I started to realize how hard it is to find this combo, esp as a used car. The man next showed me some Hondas, and I found a used Fit for sale. It was a 07 Fit with about 50k miles on it, and the asking price was 16k. I decided to take it for a spin, and immediately I felt a big difference in power from the SX4. The performance of the fit was pretty close to the Geo. I realize the Fit has a 1.5L I4 and the SX4 has a 2.0L I4, but even the feel of the clutch was better on the SX4. Ride comfort was about the same in both, although my mother said she liked the SX4 more.

So at this point, Im pretty set on finding a Suzuki SX4 sedan. The biggest problem I am running into is pretty much FINDING it. All the suzuki dealers are no longer selling suzukis and selling Kia/Hyundai now :( I dunno if I could really afford a new car, that is pretty much up to how much my parents are willing to loan. Hopefully I will be able to find the perfect one soon :D

1st February 2010

7:55pm: 0158 GEO gone
The Geo is leafing me as it has been deemed a total loss. I had the option of buying it back but hearing how the insurance company is giving me about 1500 dollars for it makes me think I am getting a better deal for it than if I tried selling it/keeping it as project car.
Today I filled out the paperwork and cleaned it out. I started it up and drove it around for the last time. I had this car for about 4 years and I would say that its the car that I loved the most out of all the cars that Ive had so far. It was so small, zippy, and loud; almost to tell other cars that it was good enough like them. The 1L 3cyl engine was terribly weak,(prob 40hp by now) but it managed to get me to Tahoe last year twice. I know this sounds stupid but I know the geo's memories will stay with me till the day I die as one of the most enjoyable little cars i've had. I have also learned that I don't need lots of power or leather seats to enjoy a car.

Other than that Ill be looking for a different car to buy. Somthing small with a little more power and cyl ;P

In other news FC was too short and expensive to enjoy, Id say I had about a 6/10 experience overall. I think I might bum space @ a friends house next year if I go.

19th January 2010

6:04pm: 0157 Geo damaged, Further Confusion 2010
Yesterday on the way to a friend's haus, the Lambor-Geo got rear endeded. The extent of damage isnt too bad, mostly scuffs, slight dent, scratches and a busted left tail light. I was kinda surprised that the damage wasn't greater as a larger Lincoln Navigator hit me so.

Here is how it basically happened. I was on an interchange and at the end of the interchange was a laaaarge puddle(or pond by this point). There was already a car stuck(submerged) in it. I slow down and get to the left to what looks like the shallow end of the puddle, and avoiding the stalled car in said puddle. As I go through the puddle my car slows down significantly(I prolly entered the puddle @ about 40, slowed to like 10 pretty fast.) and then i look in the rear view mirror and see lights and BAM I get hit. We pull of the the side and exchange info, the usual stuff. It was POURING rain(+RA) when we were exchanging info. I notified my insurance company today.


I will be attending FC, although without Kitsumi this time. Shes got school stuff to finish as it is her last year in the program so. Ill be there from THR afternoon till Sunday late afternoon.

11th December 2009

3:58pm: 0156 rife progress 0912

I finally graduated(pending) with a Associates Degree. I feel kinda retarded in that Ive been going to school for almost 8 years and only come out with a AS. But better than nothing I guess. I took the AT-SAT test(aptitude test), scored a 83. Thats kinda sad because I was two points from being considered "highly qualified". ah well. I just took the Capstone Test(CTI exit exam) and scored a 98% on it.

From here on its pretty much a waiting game between me and the FAA, The aviation department head gave us a little speech before we began the Capstone test, and he said that academy can take anywhere from 8-18months... With my AT-SAT test scores im thinking its gonna be at least a year till I get my academy date.

In the mean time I guess ill just be workin at the fam restaurant. Or if I get sick of that I can look for other jobs.
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22nd October 2009

9:04pm: 0155 buffin up

I'm surprised I still use this thing. Well I do read other peoples journals n such.

About 2 months ago I finally decided to start weightlifting and trying to gain weight and rid this African starving child skinny body of mine. Im going on week 10, and so far Ive gained 9lbs. That may not seem like a lot, but having a body type like mine (ectomorph) its pretty good progress. Visually Ive only noticed toning of the arms and some small lumps of pecs, but I plan to keep goin till I hit 130. I started out @ 100lbs.

Hmm I guess dats it.
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15th September 2009

7:47pm: 154.75 Morris Marina
I cant get enough of TG!

10th September 2009

4:55pm: 0154.5 DACIA
I know im stupid but i cant get over it.

7th July 2009

4:24pm: 0154 -AC- 09
Fun con overall, got to sit next to friends(Meesh/Keovi/Zaush) this time in the Dealer's room. sales were bad this con, so I ended up wayyy in the minus, but I mainly go for seein friends :)

Might post up some pictures later on my photobucket acct later.

11th June 2009

8:38am: 0153 Califuh
Attended Califuh.

Here are some pictures.

Most of the time I was in the Dealer's room @Meesh's Table.

Sat night partay was fuuuun.

I think dealing kinda sucked, not enough customers. But it was still a chill con.

28th May 2009

7:31pm: 0152 Life since last post
Hmmmm nothing really important happened that I can remember since feb till now.

I took the ATSAT test last week, got a score of 83 out of 100. The ATSAT is the aptitude test for hiring Air Traffic Controllers, a score of 85 or better gets u on the "highly qualified" list. Basically u get hired faster when ur score is at or above 85. I missed the mark by 2pts. suck. all well, at least I passed. And since im in CTI, I still get ahead of Open Hire people (people hired off the street, no Aviation exp).

Other than that nothing happen. Still have school. Will attend Califur.

2nd February 2009

11:29pm: 0151 Alcoholic post

I need more booze @ home :o :o

11th January 2009

12:25am: 0150 shitty wine
why does shitty wine taste better after a glass?

19th October 2008

10:51pm: 014F new icon
hahahahha thanks keovi :)

otherwise nothing is new.

2nd September 2008

12:47am: 014E updates + advert
Its been about 3wks since teh LASIK operation, Things look okay so far. I went to two post-op check up things and the optometrist said things are lookin good so far. He said it would prolly take like 3ish months for my eyes to completely heal. My vision has been good for the most part, but sometimes I wake up with slightly more blurry vision. It varies day to day, but this was somthing expected so not really scary I guess. (the post op medication schedule thing said its normal to experience fluctuations in vision)

Ive bought a pair of Ray Bans :) Ill post a pic of it once i take one :)

Kitsumi is selling an 8 gb ipod touch for 200 dollah. Its basically new, with box and everything. For more info email kitsumi.art@gmail.com
------- :o :o ----------------

7th August 2008

9:51pm: 014D Laser goes whirrr
I had my LASIK/PRK operation done today. Pretty interesting experience.

I was pretty nervous throughout the whole proceedure, but the actual laser part was prolly took like a minute and a half.

First they mark something on your eye. Then you lay down on a table/bed thing and the first laser is used to open to corneal flap. they put this round sucktion looking ring thing in your eye, and the laser on top of it. I kinda felt alot of pressure from it so I really couldnt see anything. before they put the laser on the suction cup thing i saw just a circular row of lights. then as the laser goes you dont hear much but once they are done things get real foggy/clouded. Basically they made a blister over the cornea, and a laser cut circle around it.

They got me up, and they had me walk to the actaul LASIK machine. This part was prolly the scary part. they put this metal retainer thing in your eye that keeps ur eye lids open, and they also put tape on the top lid. Then the surgeon tells me to stare at the green light, as he says that I can see a small hook like instrument going to the bottom of the cornea and lift the flap. everything goes completely blurry. All I could see was a green glow in the middle and then some red like glows around it. The laser machine sounds kinda scary. I hear a loud fan whirring noise, and some clicking sounds as the laser reshapes my cornea. it dose this for about 20sec. What was weird was smelling burning smell as the laser was zapping my eyes. Once he was done with that he closes the flap, and uses a small sponge thing to smooth out the flap on the eye. at this point I could see pretty clearly.

After the proceedure was done(all took like 15-20min. they put this goggle thing on me and send me home. I got home, ate some food and took a relaxation medication and slept till like now(10ish) I have to keep these goggle things on until tomorrow :P So far most things look clear, but there are some halos around lights and some things arent super clear, but for the most part things are a lot better than before(when I had my glasses off of course).

Anyways, theres alot of eyedrops and what not I have to take for the next month(antibiotics and lubricants) so that shouldnt be too hard. Im glad everything went well :)

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